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She loves the water, but dislikes the ocean. She has no idea why, but thinks it has mostly to do with the fact that she hates sand between her cleavage.

When she was young, her cousins would ask her constantly what it was like to be a witch, and the wizards would ask her what it was like to be a veela. Because she is unique, people assume they can ask any question without being rude. It makes her hate people that ask questions on principle now.

She thinks that is why she likes men of few words and men on a mission. They don't ask things of her, and it becomes a game to her to distract them from what they should be thinking.

Despite how she acts, she is not bisexual. She prefers men. Just, sometimes, she runs into a woman that reminds her of herself and...she just can't help herself.

Ophelia is the exception to everything, and she has no idea what to think of that, so she doesn't.

It drives her mad that people always assume that she is a kind person. She is very scary. You should be afraid and buy her a lots of presents. Alas, no one listens.

She has never been a very powerful witch. She just knows how to bluff and when to hide behind her even more powerful friends. And get very lucky sometimes. This does not mean she isn't dangerous.

The thing Fleur wants more than anything else in the world is to settle in a little house near a river with someone that loves her and make a living selling overpriced knickknacks to tourists. She doubts it will ever happen, but she wants it more than diamonds, small countries, or a harmen of well muscled Turks.

She has the mental ability to make herself forgot the most important things so she doesn't have to worry about the truth of a situation. Like how Tom is actually Voldemort. If she ever made herself remember that Tom could one day become Voldemort, she would be forced to poison his tea. She likes Tom and rather not kill him, so *POOF* she forgot. She knows, but is in a firm denial about that. She's smart, in her own way.

Something she would never tell anyone is that she does love every one in her collection of lovers. Some more then others, and one or two that...well.


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