Aug. 19th, 2005

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It took several more days of persistence to get Molly to admit that Fleur and Bill were married. Fleur liked to think it was her ever present charm, wit, and polite social training that finally proved her point. And her utter genius as a tactician.

It might have actually had something with all the Fleur nakedness and her shouting matches with Molly in the early mornings along the lines of "Iz my husband! I will stay in his bed if I want! And I will do our dishez!"

When they finally left, Molly was teary eyed and gave them both tight hugs. And encourages for them both to come and visit again soon. Arthur just smiled and gave them both a squeeze before the two disappeared off to London.

And now they were in Paris. Walking hand in hand up the hilltop to Montmartre.

"Thiz iz where I grew up. Maman keepz a small tea and herb shop 'ere. The Parisians try to keep down the residential growth 'ere, so we lived over the shop. Everything alwayz smelled like flowerz. And so much sunshine. And daisies. Iz Maman'z favorite tea."

Fleur looks up shyly at Bill. "...what do you think?"


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